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American Parastrelle

Scientific Name: Parastrellus hesperus

Photo taken by Carson Brown

Description: The American Parastrelle (Parastrellus hesperus) has a pelage that varies from light gray to yellow. It has a face mask that is dark and leathery. It’s an average of 78 mm in length and weights approximately 4 grams.

Distribution: Map of American Parastrelle in Texas

About the American Parastrelle: The American Parastrelle (Parastrelle hesperus) used to belong to the genus Pipistrelle and was therefore known as the Western Pipistrelle. They roost in cracks on canyon walls and cliffs, and in buildings. Females typically give birth to twins and live in maternity colonies.

Status: Least Concern
For more information go to the IUCN Red List Website on the American Parastrelle

For more information about the American Parastrelle go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife American Parastrelle Fact Sheet

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