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Mexican LongTongued

Scientific Name: Choeronycteris mexicana

Photo by Merlin Tuttle

Description: The Mexican Long-Tongued Bat (Choeronycteris mexicana) has a long, thin muzzle with a tongue that is estimated to be one-third it’s body length as shown in the above picture. Its fur color ranges from gray to sooty brown. This bat reaches an average weight of 10-20 grams and a length of 85 mm.

Distribution: Map of Mexican Long-Tongued Bat in Texas

About the Mexican Long-Tongued Bat: This bat is a pollen, nectar, and fruit eater, which makes it an important pollinator and seed disperser. They roost in small colonies of less than 50 individuals, in either buildings or deep canyons. Females give birth to one pup that is in a more advanced state than pups other bat species give birth too.

Status: Near Threatened
For more information go the IUCN Red List Website for the Mexican Long-Tongued Bat

For more information go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Mexican Long-Tongued Bat Fact Sheet

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