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Brazilian Free-Tailed

Scientific name: Tadarida brasiliensis

Photo taken by Merlin Tuttle

Description: The Brazilian Free-Tailed (Tadarida brasiliensis) bat has a dark brown to dark gray coat with wide ears that are far apart. It is 93 mm in length and weighs 11-15 grams.

Distribution: Map of Brazilian Free-Tailed Bats throughout TX

About Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat: This bat is the most well-known of North American bats with a population estimated between 95-104 million. Brazilian free-tailed bats in Texas are cave dwellers that live in large colonies, but they have also been known to inhabit buildings that have small cracks to provide shade from the sun during the day. The females will produce one pup, occasionally two, in the summer. These bats eat primarily flying insects.

Status: Least Concern
For more information go to the IUCN Red List Website for the Brazilian Free-tailed Bat

For more information about this bat go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Brazilian Free-tailed Bat Fact Sheet

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