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Scientific Name: Euderma maculatum

Photo taken by Merlin Tuttle

Description: The Spotted bat (Euderma maculatum) completely black fur except for 3 black dots, one on each shoulder and one on its rump. It also has two patches of white fur at the bottom of each ear. This bat has huge ears. The average length of this bat is 118 mm and weighs 15 grams.

Distribution: This bat is rare in Texas
Map to be Added

About the Spotted Bat: This bat favors crevices in cliff faces, but also roost in caves and buildings. While these bats eat insects, they specialize in moths. This bats echolocation call can be heard by humans. Females give birth to one pup.

Status: Least Concern
For more information go to the IUCN Red List Website for the Spotted Bat

For more information go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Spotted Bat Fact Sheet

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