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Scientific Name: Lasiurus cinereus

Photo by Dr. Scott J Altenbach

Description: The Hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus) is very distinctive in it’s coloring. It has dark chestnut brown fur and yellowish fur that goes around the wings and the tips of it’s hairs are white. It is 136 mm in length and weighs 20-35 g.

Distribution: Map of Hoary Bats throughout TX

About the Hoary Bat: Hoary bats are tree-roosting bats, meaning they live in trees that are typically 3-19 meters off the grounds. They are mostly solitary, sometimes living in family groups, and will give birth to two pups. They are migratory, but where they migrate differs between males and females.

Status: Least Concern
For more information go to the IUCN Red List Website for the Hoary bat

For more information about this bat go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Hoary Bat Fact Sheet

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