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Fringed Myotis

Scientific Name: Myotis thysanodes

Photo taken by Dr. Scott Altenbach

Description: The Fringed Myotis (Myotis thysanodes) is very recognizable do to a fringed of short hairs it has. It also has light brown fur and a white belly. It’s average length is 85 mm and the approximate weight of this bat is 9 grams.

Distribution: This bat is rare in Texas
Map of Fringed Myotis in Texas

About the Fringed Myotis: This migratory bat species can be found roosting in caves, old buildings, and mine tunnels. Maternity colonies can hold up to several hundred individuals and females give birth to one pup. Nothing is known about their hibernating patterns in Texas.

Status: Least Concern
For more information go to the IUCN Red List Website for the Fringed Myotis

For more information go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Fringed Myotis Fact Sheet

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