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Bat Presentation at the Harwell Elementary Science Fair

by on November 19, 2012

Last Friday, Marina went to Harwell Elementary School here in Lubbock, to participate in their annual science fair. She was invited to give a presentation about bats to 2 third-grade classes. The kids really enjoyed the presentation and participated heavily by asking many questions. The main objective of the presentation was to introduce young kids to bats and dispel any misconceptions they may have about the true nature of bats. Many were surprised to learn that there are over 1,250 species of bats in the word and that there are bats right here in Lubbock. They also learned about how important bats are for pest control and pollination. After the presentation, the students were given a small leaflet containing information about Texas bats (created by Kaitlin) and a double-sided  coloring page where they learned more about The Mexican Long-nosed bat (Leptonycteris nivalis) and the Brazilian Free-tailed bat ( Tadarida brasiliensis). It was wonderful interacting with the students and we hope to do the same talk to a new group of third-graders next year!


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