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Acoustic Transect

by on October 2, 2012

Hey guys!

Last night Marina and Kaitlin went out on an acoustic transect, meaning they took a detector that can pick up bat sounds and went listening for our flying friends. This particular transect they went on has set places where they stopped and set the detector on top of the car for 10 and listened for bats. Unfortunately last night there were no bats to be found. This might be due to the chilly weather last night that average around the mid 60’s.

Tonight they will go out again, this time on a driving acoustic transect. On a planned route, they will drive at about 20 mph with the detector recording continuously the entire time. Hopefully there will be some bats tonight!

Here are some pictures of the detector:Image
Photo taken by Marina Fisher-Phelps

Photo taken by Marina Fisher-Phelps


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