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Second West Texas Bat Meeting of Fall 2012

by on October 2, 2012

Today we discussed building the website. We wanted everyone at the meeting to critique the content that Kaitlin had created thus far so we can create a wonderful website to engage the public about bats in West Texas. In light of today’s comments, we will be adding three static content pages to detail benefits of bats, current threats to bats, and recent bat research publications. We also will add more content about other websites which focus on bats so that viewers receive a more thorough understanding of bat research. For each of the species pages we will be adding echolocation files so you can learn what bats sound like when they search for food. The website is really coming together. (Good job Kaitlin and Marina!) Hopefully, by the end of October we will have a fully functioning page!

This was the second meeting of the semester. We have meetings every 2nd week at 12:30 pm in Room 104 of the Biology building on TTU campus. They are open to anyone interested in West Texas Bats! Join us!

The next meeting on Monday October 15th we will recap the findings of the Kingston Lab bat netting trip, which is this coming weekend!


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